Better Africans for Africa

They say, “”Charity begins at home”” and true to this saying, as with what the African culture always dictates, “”you never forget where you came from””

I believe that without an identity, you are lost in the wilderness. Culture is the blue print of a particular society, and without it, you can adopt and fall prey to anything that comes with the wind that is as long as you don’t have a fingerprint or DNA to place you.

The world has gone through a very rapid and confusing metamorphosis. The spread of Christianity, Colonialism, Slavery, Industrialization, Capitalism, Media Indoctrination (Radio & TV Influence), and more recently, the Information Technology boom and the Internet.

Globalization has truly come into effect and without a TRUE IDENTITY, it’s easy to understand why someone might lose their bearings and get lost in the various concrete jungles that have been appropriately placed and glorified everywhere you can think of.

As an African myself, i know i have equally been a victim of all these confusing changes. I grew up in an era where privacy was held in high esteem, and in the same breath, our society now gets pleasure from watching what other people are doing in their homes through reality TV.

As Africans, if we trace not that far back, we can actually identify where we came from and what we represent. And as individuals, we have a choice whether to accept these principles as ours or to throw them into the woods and abandon the heritage that our children and grandchildren are entitled to. I firmly believe that my parents are going to be the last generation that embraces culture and prayer with such high esteem if we are all not careful. After that generation has passed on, there are going to be fewer marriages, more divorces, more single parents, more prostitution, children with less respect for their parents and the signs are already there for all of us to see.

Why am i really going on about this. Well for starters, before i am Zimbabwean, i am an African, and as a fellow African, i do believe that the biggest solution to Africa’s slow development, corruption, poverty and exploitation is FOR AFRICANS TO KNWOW WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY STAND FOR! When you know this as an African, you can then make INFORMED decisions in your day to day life in the workplace or at home without being influenced inappropriately.

Development in Africa is slow – because leaders are not selfless and have put their needs before their people

Corruption is rife – because more people are driven by personal monetary gain than any activities that would enrich and empower their respective communities

Poverty is on the rise – because most Africans are selfish and are doing NOTHING for their village, town and country so in other words, they have forgotten where they come from

A True African knows who they are and which village they came from and who their ancestors are!

A True African is driven by “”ubuntu””, an ancient African(Zulu) word that means humanity to others! As Africans we all share this common thread and if we are true to ourselves we know that our forefathers were not as selfish as we are now to their communities

With the modern age that has come before us, it’s still not enough to know where you came from and just give back

A true African must also adapt and be flexible. In this day in age, the most important part of SELF IDENTITY is so define your personal goals. We are all different people but we have a few common threads in our lives. Family; Financial; Career; Spiritual; Health; Education. I challenge all of you to set at least 3 personal goals on each aspect that we all have in common above , stick to those goals and work the plan. Without these goals we have no personal direction and thus no community direction. By practising this in every aspect of our lives as Africans and by passing this practice along to our children and grandchildren, we create a society that plans for the future and knows exactly who they are and where they want to go .This becomes the first step to better Africans for Africa!

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Wilbert – From the Motivation Corner

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Power washing is a valuable service that takes time to perfect. A contractor that is available for either residential or commercial services should be able to answer a few basic questions before you move forward with their washing services. If they are unable to answer such questions or provide proof of satisfied clientele, you may want to call another contractor. Saving time and money can be done easily by asking the right questions before you start, including: LICENSING: Asking if the contractor has a license for the company is essential. If they avoid the question or place little importance on your question, you may want to reconsider the company that you are about to use. Asking for proof of licensing over the phone, prior to the contractor arriving, should help speed up the process and avoid wasted time. ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS: Water Reclaimer Certification is required for professional mobile pressure washing services. All Certified Environmental Pressure Washing companies should possess such certification. This ensures the water used does not harm the environment and is disposed of or reused properly. If the contractor is hesitant to provide such certification, be weary since there are very high standards for environmental safety within the industry. REFERENCES: References and testimonials can come in handy, and upon calling a power washing contractor, you can ask for previous customers to call or for testimonials or for a site to refer to find online. Making sure the services are worthy of your time and money can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. If a company representative is hesitant to share customer experiences, there may be situations that they are not so proud to share, so be weary and look elsewhere. SIDE NOTE: Not all power washers are certified, and it is not against the law to be uncertified. Although it is not illegal to be uncertified, the specific guidelines and direction contained in such courses helps to provide contractors with a higher level of service. To ensure you receive the best possible care from knowledgeable contractors, make sure they are certified. Asking the three questions above can save you time, energy, and potential damage. Feel free to call Sparkleen for licensed and certified on-site power washing to meet all your residential and commercial needs with years of trusted experience. Call us today for a free consultation!


Shingles do not generally require heavy maintenance, so regular dirt on your roof should not be a cause for concern. Sometimes, as the seasons change, different temperatures can cause algae, giving a green-like appearance, distracting from the underlying glory of your well-installed shingles. How do you know when to wash them, how much force should be given when power washing them, and when should you provide a hefty amount of force? Check below for answers to all these questions so you can bring your roof’s original glow without tedious costs. WHEN TO CLEAN YOUR SHINGLES: Sometimes dirt such as leaves, dust, and grit accumulate due to seasonal changes and regular wear and tear can occur. As time goes on, you may need to clean your roof if accumulated dirt compounds into a noticeable amount. The best way to do this would be to include use a garden hose, not a pressure washer hose. WARNING: Use a sturdy ladder and a guide at the bottom to ensure your safety throughout the entire house washing process. WHEN TO USE POWER WASHING: Sometimes, shingles accumulate excessive dirt either due to the age of the roof, the climate, or other underlying issues. If mold or algae are accumulating, scraping may be necessary, but to save time and energy, power washing should be done by a certified and licensed pressure washing contractor since the wrong amount of force could strip your shingles. If you are unsure of whether you should power wash your roof, feel free to call the Sparkleen team today for all questions and inquiries. We can have your house shining again with our qualified, insured, and certified technicians


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Power washing is not a limited to commercial and residential fields, it can help you protect your agricultural assets including silos, farm equipment, and barns. Some types of equipment that can be protected through the use of Sparkleen’s pressure washing expertise include: Wheel tractors Plows Milk drawing equipment Hay equipment Barns Regular farm equipment Silos Sprayers Seeders Reapers Grain dryers Compactors PEST AND CORROSION PREVENTION: The importance of power washing extends to silos for both wheat and grain to prevent bugs and pests. Tractors are also primary equipment since mud and silt could harden, causing ceasing, rust, and corrosion in the long run. Agricultural businesses include extensive manual labor, so by making sure all equipment is taken care of year-round, you can ensure less rust, fewer breakdowns, and limited bacteria within different machines, cutting your budget. We use on-site high pressure washer systems and gas pressure washers to give you quick service even during emergency spills or post-flooding. CONTAMINATION FREE POWER WASHING: Sparkleen has a commitment to the environment and ensures all water is handled in an environmentally safe manner with certifications and licenses to prove our environmental promise. Contaminated soil can lead to hefty fines, so leaving it up to our team can give you the peace of mind you need to resume agricultural duties free from worry. Our services are year-round, rain or shine, so whether you need services in the summer or during harvest, our experienced, licensed and insured technicians can help you maintain your assets with affordable rates and trusted experience. Sparkleen can help you tidy your agricultural business so you can continue to work on what matters to you; your business.

The Dissecting Microscopic lense With regard to College Utilize

Those who have gone senior high school the field of biology offers experienced the dissecting microscopic lense; it had been generally along with a frog. The actual stress associated with needing to chloroform eliminate the frog within the title associated with schooling might, still possess delivered a person unaware of the actual operation from the dissecting microscopic lense, from the tender is really a refresher training course about how it had been built and just how this worked well. almost all microscopes, features a pipe having a zoom lens in its top starting, by which anyone looks to see the actual example of beauty lying down underneath the tube’s entry level. Top of the finish from the pipe will even possess some type of nasal area item to assist the head stay constant as you perform your own watching. The low finish from the dissecting microscopic lense provides the 2nd zoom lens, referred to as the actual “objective” zoom lens. The kind of goal zoom lens used depends on exactly how good a spotlight you have to analyze your own example of beauty. Your own dissecting microscopic lense may have 2 much more light-condensing lens inside the fondre; these types of lens have the effect of the actual microscope’s magnifying capability. The actual dissecting microscope’s fondre is actually focused over a center from the microscope’s phase, which the actual slip having the actual example of beauty ifs positioned with regard to evaluation. The very best dissecting microscopes possess flexible phases which may be altered with no microscope’s consumer needing to eliminate his / her eye through the eyepiece. The actual dissecting microscope slides ‘s phase lies over the diaphragm, the actual functionality which would be to manage the quantity of lighting becoming transported with the slip as well as example of beauty. The sunshine by itself can also be under the dissecting microscope’s phase, and it is whether halogen or even neon light. It does not take adjustment from the light’s representation within the example of beauty that triggers the actual dissecting microscopic lense in order to enlarge the particular consumer views. Taking care of The Dissecting Microscopic lense Dissecting microscopes, such as others, need unique treatment; their own lens ought to be held dirt as well as smudge totally free along with dried out, smooth towels plus they ought to be saved, you should definitely being used, within dirt handles. They ought to also generally be saved from wetness. All those coping with dissecting microscope slides must always make it both in fingers. This provides the easiest way to prevent possibly shedding this or even thumping this towards some other items; possibly that would damage the actual positioning from the lens. The actual dissecting microscopic lense is quite safe whenever the consumer retains the actual microscopic lense equip in a single hands as well as facilitates the foundation within the some other.So,that it means that micrpscopic lens is best for you and your organizatiaoana. For more information click here

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wet chemistry

Wet Chemistry, also known as wet chemical substance evaluation, usually refers to chemistry carried out on samples in the liquid phase. Traditional wet chemistry is a conventional approach to element analysis using lab beakers and flasks to control a sample in order to identify just one element.